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About Us

The Alice Through The Looking Glass boutique is situated in the heart of London’s West End. Established in 2012, we specialize in Alice iconography including first edition books, rare illustrated editions, gifts, fashion and unique objects of desire.
Known for individuality, Harley, a real life British Giant White Rabbit can even be found admiring his reflection in the shop's beautiful antique gold looking glass.
The brand references heritage pieces to create, design & licence new luxury contemporary collections, all made with British artisans. Intellectual Property holders of the trademark, 'Alice Through The Looking Glass', we are the only 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' heritage brand.
In 2011, Co- Founder Jake Fior made the startling and important discovery of Sir John Tenniel’s original hand painted ‘Through the Looking Glass’ chessboard. A fascinating piece of Alice iconography, the sixteen illustrations around the border of the board are the earliest known examples of Tenniel’s intended colouring for his Alice illustrations.
Fior’s discovery sparked a journey of the imagination which became the magical brand and boutique, Alice Through The looking Glass.